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DEVITA offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by pet owners and the pet industry. By leveraging innovative technologies such as blockchain and AI, we aim to improve the lives of pets and their owners while empowering pet owners with control over their pet's data and the ability to monetize it.

Reliable Information:

Our application provides pet owners with access to reliable and up-to-date information on pet care, including behavior, nutrition, and health, sourced from trusted experts in the pet industry. Additionally, our AI-powered community chatbot allows users to receive instant answers to their questions.

Fragmented Pet Care Industry:

Our application brings together pet owners, veterinarians, pet care professionals, and other members of the pet industry into a seamless, interconnected ecosystem where they can communicate and collaborate efficiently and effectively.

Standardized International Pet Identification:

We utilize the ERC-1155 token standard to create a decentralized identification system for pets, providing a unique and immutable identifier assigned to each pet through the owner's digital wallet. This enables secure and tamper-proof ownership of records that can be easily managed by pet owners and shared with veterinarians and other pet professionals at the owner's discretion. Our system allows for easier and more accurate tracking of pet health records, breeding histories, and ownership transfers, providing a level of transparency and security that is currently unavailable in traditional pet identification systems.

Decentralized Health Record Database:

Our application's decentralized health record (DHR) management protocol puts users' health records into their own hands and wallets. This gives users full control over who can access their data and when, including the ability to revoke access. Our platform utilizes the latest encryption technology coupled with our own decentralized identifier (DID) to ensure records are never lost, and privacy is never compromised. Additionally, users have the option to delete their data at any time, providing complete control over their personal health information.
Data Marketplace:
Our application's data marketplace introduces a transparent and secure way for users to interact with their data and manage their privacy. The marketplace provides reliable and statistically representative data pools to meet the growing demand for health data. Pet owners can choose to monetize their pet's data, gaining control over the data they generate and the ability to profit from it. With our marketplace, users have complete control over their data, and all transactions are executed securely and transparently.

Telehealth Services:

DEVITA's telehealth services extend treatment and consultation options to pet owners who do not have the physical means to go to a centralized clinic. Our telehealth services offer convenient and affordable access to veterinary care, including telemedicine consultations, appointments, and other care services, regardless of the pet owner's location.

Social Platform:

Our application provides a social platform where pet owners can connect and interact with other pet owners, share advice, and build communities around their shared love for their pets. This feature allows pet owners to expand their knowledge and connect with others who share their passion, ultimately creating a more engaged and informed pet community.